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Equivent 300


The Equivent 300 has a separate receiver that is connected to an usb-port of PC or laptop. The software is that of the Equivent 100. It has an antenna for extended reach. The data can be stored and used for later calculations.

The Equivent 300 will work approximately 2 hours after fully loading. Overloading is not possible. Only use the supplied power adapter. The unit is not submersible in liquids. Cleaning with a moist cloth is ok. Liquids in the pressure-port may permanently destroy the unit.


Lungfunction - Equivent lungfunction

Start your PC or laptop. Connect the receiver to a free usb-port. Switch on the measuring-unit. Run the Equivent software. Choosing the right com-port and zero-adjusting the x-axis is explained in the Equivent 100 installation. For the 300 it is exactly the same. The transmitter-unit can be taped to the halter as shown:

Connect the measuring sonde after zero-adjusting the x-axis. For placing the balloon in the esofagus see the chapter placing and connecting the measuring tube.