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Equivent 100


The Equivent 100 is a wired system. The unit is connected to a usb port of the PC or laptop. The software can be downloaded from this site at our software page.


After starting the program a screen appears with at the top “file” and “ tools” . Open tools and install the drivers. This only has to be done once but an internet connection during this installation is required.

Running the software

Click on communication after installing the drivers. Click autodetect. A pop-up shows which com port has to be used. Check if this comport is shown in the upper left screen. If not click adjust as shown in the video:

Before connecting the sonde to the Equivent click start. Zero pressure is adjusted. Check that the curve runs on zero. A slight (digital) flutter can be eliminated with the filter setting. After this calibration connect the measuring sonde to the Equivent.